Megan Ellis, LMFT

Therapist in Sacramento & Online
pronouns: she, her, hers

Available Sundays – Thursdays (including evenings)


Relationship Therapy for Couples & Individuals, including young adults
Healing from Trauma & Unhealthy Environments
Sex Therapy
Eating Disorders & Body Image
Coping with Intense Emotions,
Fear of Abandonment & Unstable Relationships
Adjusting to Parenting, Postpartum Depression/Anxiety

Megan Ellis Therapist Online and Sacramento CA

I help couples & individuals deeply understand their experiences, improve their self esteem and compassion, and connect with the things most important to them.


You can experience more fulfillment in your life and relationships! I’m here to support you.


I’m the type of therapist who will support you through your pain (even when it feels like it’s just too much) and help you see your strength, resiliency, and worth.


If you are considering therapy, there probably isn’t an easy solution to your pain – otherwise, you would have already done it! 

I know from personal experience how anxiety-provoking it can be to seek help, and I’m honored by the trust and vulnerability my clients give me. 


Our lived experiences, including early childhood experience, past and current romantic relationships, friendships, and interactions with family, and intersecting identities have a deep impact on how we view ourselves and interact with the world around us. 

Sometimes our emotions feel intense, and we don’t quite know how to manage them. 

Sometimes we’re mean to ourselves and don’t even realize it.  

Sometimes we’re surrounded by people who don’t seem to understand our pain. 

Sometimes we’re plagued by things that happened in the past and don’t know how to move forward. 

Sometimes we’re going through a big adjustment (such as a new job or job loss, the birth of a baby or death of a loved one, the end of a friendship or relationship) and aren’t quite sure how to cope with or navigate it. 


I’m here to help you process your stress, examine messages you received that contribute to your pain, and move towards the things and people that give you energy and joy.

My prior clinical experiences include providing individual, couples, family, and group therapy for clients of all ages experiencing low self-esteem, life transitions, depression, anxiety, trauma symptoms, personality disorders, eating disorders, self-harm, and suicidal thoughts. 


My clients say that I’m warm and empathic, they can tell I truly care about them, and they see themselves being more compassionate with themselves and moving towards their goals. 

I value providing a safe, nonjudgmental, and compassionate space so that my clients can be authentic and get the full support they deserve. 

I listen deeply to understand your experiences, concerns, and goals for therapy so that we can collaboratively come up with a plan to help you reach your goals.  In my office, you are the expert on you – I’m here to listen empathically and use evidence-based practices (like Mindfulness, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Trauma-Informed Care) to support and guide you on your journey. 


And on a personal note…

I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister, crafter, and board game enthusiast.  I love spending time with my family, laughing, cooking, baking, snowboarding, and curling up on the couch with a good movie.  I put my whole heart into everything I do.

My areas of expertise are:


Individual and Couples Therapy for Relationship Distress & Better Intimacy

We all have a picture of what we hoped our life would look like, and that picture often involves our relationships with the people in our lives: supportive parents and siblings, a caring partner, reliable friends, respectful coworkers.  We also pictured who we would be in these relationships.  It can be heartbreaking when the picture we had in our head doesn’t match our reality. 


Therapy can help you grieve relationships that aren’t what you hoped for.  It can help you identify the type of people you want in your life, set boundaries with people who are incapable of providing the love you deserve, and become the friend/family member/partner/coworker you want to be.  Attending therapy with a partner can help you improve your communication, rebuild trust, and re-establish connection. 


Individual Therapy for Young Adults and Students

Prior to working at Love Heal Grow, I worked on multiple college campuses with undergraduate and graduate students.  Young adults are at a unique stage in life – they are often balancing family expectations while also identifying their values outside of their families’ values, dealing with pressure to attend school and/or find a career, and trying to make friends.  I love supporting young adults with finding themselves and what makes them happy.   


Borderline Personality Disorder

Individuals with Borderline Personality Disorder often struggle with fear of abandonment, unstable and intense relationships (family, romantic, friends), strong emotions that change rapidly, impulsivity, self-harm and suicidal thoughts. There is a lot of stigma around this diagnosis because of how the media portrays it, but the reality is that people with Borderline Personality Disorder can be highly successful and have positive relationships.  It’s also important to know that having some of these symptoms doesn’t necessarily qualify you for the diagnosis.  I’m less interested in diagnosing you, and more interested in treating your symptoms and helping you live an enjoyable life.  I love helping people improve their sense of self-worth, strengthen their relationships, and overcome potentially self-damaging behaviors. 




Formal Credentials

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, #98705: Licensed to practice psychotherapy in California




M.A., Clinical Psychology with an Emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy: Pepperdine University

B.A., French with an Unofficial Minor in Psychology: College of the Holy Cross

Love Heal Grow Residency Trainings in Progress
Gottman Method Couples Therapy: Level I
Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (Hold Me Tight Program)
Gottman Couples Therapy: Level 2
Gottman Couples Therapy: Trauma and Infidelity
Modern Sex Therapy Institute: Addressing Common Sexual Concerns in Individuals and Couples
Modern Sex Therapy Institute: LGBTQIA Affirmative Therapy
Modern Sex Therapy Institute: Alternative Sexualities/Non-Traditional Relationships
Anti-Racism & Culturally Affirmative Care,
Diversity & Resiliency Institute of El Paso


  • Updated Motivational Interviewing with Stephen Rollnick, Ph.D.: Evidence-Based Skills to Motivate Clients Toward Change

  • Chronic Anxiety: Powerful Treatment Methods to Break the Anxiety Cycle

  • ACT 2 Day Intensive Training

  • Trauma Screening and Assessment

  • Attachment, Trauma, and Psychotherapy: Neural Integration as a Pathway to Resilience and Well-Being with Dan Siegel, MD

  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy

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