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Our Values & Commitment


Trauma-Informed Practices in Action at Love Heal Grow

-We recognize that trauma has lasting impacts on a person’s and group’s mental, relational, physical, social, and spiritual well-being.

-We welcome each client with the understanding that trauma (direct, indirect, generational, systemic, relational, acute, chronic, covert, overt) has likely impacted our client in the past or present whether this is directly disclosed or not.

-Our therapists are trained to recognize signs of trauma, respond to trauma in safe and effective ways, and limit re-traumatization of our clients.


Empathy-Based Ideals in Action at Love Heal Grow

-Our therapists will create an environment of emotional and physical safety, free of judgment and discrimination for all people regardless of race, ethnicity, culture, religion, ability, sexual identity, gender identity, or status.

 -Above all, our therapists connect to empathy-based approaches and understanding of their clients.  Individual clients will be supporting in increasing their self-compassion and couples/family members will be supported in increasing empathy for loved ones.  We believe that all people are wired to need connection and compassion.


Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Anti-Racism in Action at Love Heal Grow

-Clients have the final say in their treatment.  This includes choices and collaboration with their therapists on type of treatment, focus of their session, whether they would like to be given a mental health diagnosis, treatment goals, frequency of sessions and how/when they would like to end therapy.

-Our therapists aim to build a trusting therapeutic relationship and recognize that the foundation of trust in therapy begins by honoring and validating the truth of our clients’ experiences.

-Our clients are the experts of their own story and experiences.  Our therapists aim to facilitate empowerment in our clients towards their goals, with respect for each client’s beliefs, cultures, identities and values.

-We will continue to name racism and implicit bias if it shows up in the workplace or in the therapeutic setting.  Our therapists actively participate in anti-racism trainings and strive to do better in their allyship.  Racism is not tolerated at Love Heal Grow and any concerns or complaints should be reported directly to our executive director, Megan Negendank (


Modern and Professional Treatment & Resources in Action at Love Heal Grow

-Our therapists stay up-to-date on latest research and therapeutic techniques in the areas of trauma, relationships, sex therapy, and attachment.

-We strive to make scheduling easy by creating an intuitive website, online-scheduling, and a secure client portal.  We are technology-friendly to keep up with your busy world.

-Each therapist holds two sliding scale spots for lower income clients in need of high quality, affordable therapeutic services.

-We are committed to creating free resources including articles, workbooks, videos, and social media postings to serve the greater community at no cost.


We strive to create a safe community where you will be respected, supported, and embraced in your unique life experiences and cultural intersectionalities.


Love Heal Grow is committed to equitable mental health services without discrimination against, or harassment of, any person on the basis of age; ancestry; citizenship; color; creed; cultural background; disability status; domestic partnership; economic status; education; ethnicity; gender expression; gender identity; gender presentation; genetic information; health status; household composition; housing status; immigrant status; intellectual ability; marital status; medical condition; mental ability; national origin; neurodiversity; non-qualifying disability; parental status; physical ability; pregnancy; race; relationship status; religion; sex; sexual orientation; socioeconomic status; and veteran status.


All client’s will be treated with dignity, compassion, and respect as an individual—gender identity will be respected, and you will be referred to by your name and pronouns.


Love Heal Grow invites, encourages, and nourishes an environment where individuals can feel safe discussing all intersections of marginalization.


Any unproductive expressions of hate, intolerance, or similar towards staff or other clients, will be worked through therapeutically. If one is not open to doing so, Love Heal Grow reserves the right to refer one elsewhere for treatment.



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