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Body Language Matters!

 Today we're talking about body language and how it can help or hurt your relationship. Do you know what signals you are sending when you and your partner are talking? How are we helping or hurting the conversation with the signals we are sending? We are so in tune...

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Office Tour on Fresh Practice Design

This week, my midtown Sacramento office was featured on Fresh Practice Design.  Fresh Practice Design lets you peak into therapists' offices across the country.  I am a regular reader--I love seeing the diverse decor choices and hearing from therapists about the...

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10 Reasons to Start Couples Counseling

Leading couples researcher and therapist, John Gottman, PhD has found that the average couple waits 6 years before seeking help for marital problems.  That is a long time to be unhappy in a relationship!  If you are considering starting therapy to improve your...

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