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“[Her] expertise, knowledge, and ability to understand is just the tip of the ice berg. She is also very patient, non-judgmental, a true professional, and is open to learning how she can help me. It’s also a huge plus to have a therapist who keeps up with the current research and treatments. [She] recommends resources that are always spot on and insightful. Asking for help is no easy task, I have been there. So please know, if you are on the fence about getting support, you will be given that safe space and time to heal with Love Heal Grow.”

-Google Business Review

“Love Heal Grow has genuinely changed my life. As someone who believed that therapy was reserved for anyone but me, I know how terrifying taking that first step can be. [My therapist’s] warmth, wisdom, and guidance have given me the space to safely navigate my struggles and the encouragement to make healthy changes in my life. I feel myself becoming more empowered every day to control my healing and story. I highly recommend.”

-Google Business Review

“I was skeptical about therapy before being referred to Love Heal Grow. I was apprehensive about how it could help and if I would connect and be understood. [My therapist] creates an environment that really envelopes me with care and allows me to be open. I have felt incredibly lucky to have found Love Heal Grow, because as the name suggests, I have found how to love myself more through self-compassion, I have had a safe place to heal and to learn how to heal on my own, and I feel like I’m stretching and growing constantly.”

-Google Business Review

“Megan Negendank is a kind, smart, passionate therapist who really cares about helping her clients improve all aspects of their relationships. She is highly trained in couples therapy and ensures that her team of therapists are also highly skilled with the expertise needed to really make positive changes in the lives of their clients.”

-Therapist Colleague via Google Business Review

“[She] is kind and a joy to work with. She has very sound clinical judgement and I always appreciate her clinical perspective. Her compassion for this work and her clients is strong and admirable.”

-Google Business Review

“I found really compassionate and supportive therapy with [my therapists]. As a gay person of color, I discovered a safe, affirming space working and sharing with [her]. Learning a lot and it’s been a great journey. Highly recommend!”

-Google Business Review

“[She] is a warm, attentive, and compassionate listener.  Her calm, welcoming presence and down-to-earth attitude makes it easy to instantly connect with her.  I highly recommend her to anyone seeking counseling.”

-Google Business Review

“[She] creates a welcoming safe space, where truth and vulnerability can be shared. She’s well versed in traditional therapies, like CBT and DBT, and approaches each client as a whole, unique individual, working with where the client is and working with them to where they want to be. Her gentle insights foster the real opportunity for personal growth and healing.”

-Google Business Review

“[She] is really patient and gentle, I don’t feel judged when I’m working with her, but I also feel like I get a lot out of my time with her. She makes the environment so comfortable and easy to open up in. It’s rare to find a therapist you click so well with!”

-Google Business Review

“[She] is extremely professional and kind. I really admire how patient how is.”

-Google Business Review

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