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Infidelity Counseling & Affair Recovery Sacramento

Helping you heal after the affair.

We Help Couples & Individuals Torn Apart by Betrayal Learn How to Heal
and Have Peace in Their Lives Again.

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The last thing you want to be doing is looking for a therapist.


You didn’t ask for this. 


You never thought it would get here.  And yet, here you are.


Trying your hardest to get past the affair.


You might be feeling like your world has been turned upside down as you try to put the pieces back together.


We support couples and individuals as they work to heal from infidelity in their relationship.

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You just found out about your partner’s affair:


Infidelity in the relationship, whether emotional or physical, has been revealed and you are devastated.


Maybe you were aware of some problems in your relationship or maybe this news has come out of nowhere. 


All that you know is that it feels like the rug has been pulled out from beneath your feet and your heart has fallen into your stomach.


You likely have many questions for your partner—how, when and why did this happen?


It’s hard to focus on the other areas of your life as your mind keeps trailing back to the affair.


Your emotions overwhelm you at times – sadness, anger, and embarrassment.


Sometimes you feel numb. It’s been a rollercoaster.


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Your partner just found out about your affair:


Seeing the hurt the affair caused your partner, you may be feeling guilt and shame.


You might wish there was a way to move forward without hurting your partner any further.


You might feel like you need help when faced with your partner’s many questions.


You might also have your own pain in the relationship, which you want to heal from—and you might be confused about whether you should even bring this up while your partner is living in pain from the betrayal.


It’s so hard to see the emotional ups and downs your partner is going through; you feel helpless as you try to make things right.


Whether you are seeking support alone or as a couple, infidelity counseling can help you heal and move forward.

Hi! I’m Megan, therapist and founder of Love Heal Grow Counseling.

Our therapists know how painful it can be to try to move on from betrayal in the relationship.  Whether you are trying to make the relationship work or have decided to break up, but you are still hurting–our therapists are ready to listen with support and compassion to help you feel better.

Infidelity counseling can look different from regular couples therapy because it can take more than building communication skills to help rebuild trust after betrayal.  The relationship needs guidance from an experienced therapist to help calm the crisis and discuss the affair without damaging the relationship further.  Real tough conversations can be made more manageable with the help from a supportive, experienced therapist.

How your therapist will help:


Support for each of you as you navigate the initial shock and crisis.


-Support to help you gain a deeper understanding for yourself and your partner.


Education and skills to help you rebuild trust.


Exploring what led to the affair and building a new, secure relationship.


-Therapeutic support and skills to help you cope with overwhelming feelings, experiences of flashbacks, intrusive thoughts, or feeling “out of control”.


Healing with hope for a healthier relationship – whether you would like to continue or end this relationship and how to trust again.


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Our Therapists:

Megan Negendank Therapist Sacramento

Megan Negendank, LMFT

Licensed Psychotherapist & Executive Director

-Improving Emotional & Physical Intimacy for Couples & Individuals
-Healing from Trauma & Anxiety
-Grief & Loss Counseling

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Fee: 250/appointment
Limited Availability (Contact Directly to Schedule)

Veronica Perez-Thayer, Therapist

Veronica Perez-Thayer, AMFT

Therapist & Practice Coordinator

-Relationship Help for Couples, Individuals, LGBTQ+
-Sex Therapy
-Grief & Loss Counseling

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Limited Availability (Contact directly to schedule)

Fee: 140/appointment

Nadia Therapist Sacramento

Nadia Padurets, LMFT


-Couples Therapy: Communication, Intimacy & Rebuilding Trust
-Healing from Trauma & Anxiety
-Family Therapy: Parenting Help or Teen Therapy

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Mondays - Wednesdays
Fee: 170/appointment

Katie Therapist Sacramento

Katie Woodson, AMFT


-Relationship Therapy for Couples & Individuals
-Sex Therapy & Communication Support
-Body Acceptance

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Wednesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays (Including evenings)

Fee: 120/appointment

Navneet Therapist Sacramento

Navneet Kaur, APCC


-Relationship Therapy (Better Connection & More Trust)
-Sex Therapy
-Trauma Therapy: Healing from Family and Cultural Experiences

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Tuesdays-Thursdays & Saturdays (Including Evenings)

Fee: 120/appointment

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