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Therapy for Teens in Sacramento, CA & Online Throughout California

A smiling teen flips the pages of the textbook she is reading. This could represent a teen taking more joy from everyday activities after therapy for teens in Sacramento, CA. Contact a therapist for teens to learn if online therapy for teens in California could support you!

The teen years are full of lots of firsts, exciting changes, and important developments.

In addition, teens can also feel a great deal of stress. These might relate to friendships, school, family relationships, and their own developing identities. So, it’s fair if you feel concerned about your teen is going to handle it all!

Ultimately, if you’re worried, therapy for teens in Sacramento, CA can help.

At Love Heal Grow, a therapist for teens can support adolescents age 12 and up with:


Three teen girls smile at the camera as they put their arms around one another. This could symbolize how open some may feel after talking through their stressors with a therapist for teens in Sacramento, CA. Contact a teenage therapist to learn if in person therapy for teens could support you! We also offer online therapy for teens in California as well!

Therapy for Teens & Families


At Love Heal Grow, our teen therapists make sure to provide our clients and their families with professional support in a safe space.

Your teen may be going through various challenges or adjustments in their lives. For example, these difficulties may include dissatisfaction with self-image and peer to peer or child-parent relationships.

During therapy for teens, teens and their families have a chance to communicate and process their stressors. Afterward, they can explore their strengths. And, identify other options to develop a sense of hope. Furthermore, we can work to rebuild self-confidence, positive self-talk, and improve relations with family members as well as with friends.


A black teen smiles as they share something with the woman sitting next to them in the group they are part of. This could represent what therapy for teens in Sacramento, CA may look like. We offer support for teens and their families through online therapy for teens in California. Contact a therapist for teens today for support!

During therapy for teens, your therapist may use:


Person-centered therapy

We provide you and your child with a place where you can communicate and process your present emotions, feelings, and thoughts. Our team will ensure that you are being understood and supported rather than judged.

Solution-focused therapy

We provide a tool that helps children, parents, and families repair their relationships. And, gain a greater sense of their emotions. Also, this model provides individuals with strategies to cope, regulate, and transform their emotions. All while building tighter bonds with the people that matter most. Our therapists for teens recognize the importance of what’s going well while accomplishing goals. So, we are intentional to include this in our work in therapy for teens.

Mindfulness-based methods 

This helps teens disconnect from their screens. Also, it helps them reconnect with their minds and bodies. We learn ways to de-stress, find calm, and build confidence and resiliency. This approach is therapy for teens can provide teens with more tools to put in their toolbox.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy

This helps teens build concrete tools to help them learn how to recognize and change negative thoughts. Often, that negatively influences mood and behavior. Our therapists for teens are intentional to work with teens to recognize and intervene in this process. 

Trauma-focused methods

These methods help teens who have experienced trauma find healing and peace. This way, they can have more fulfilling lives and relationships.

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Your teen doesn’t have to go deal with their emotions alone. We know that these battles can feel particularly difficult and heavy. So, we’re happy to take some of the weight off their shoulders. Our Sacramento, CA-based therapy practice has caring therapists for teens who would be honored to support them through hard times. So, if you are ready to start therapy for teens, follow these simple steps:

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  3. Start overcoming your stressors, and live life to the fullest!

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