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Teen Therapy Sacramento

The teen years are full of lots of firsts, exciting changes, and important developments.

Teens can also feel a great deal of stress related to friendships, school, family relationships, and the developing of their own identities.

If you’re worried about your teen, counseling can help.

Nadia Padurets, our therapist for teens can support adolescents age 12 and up with:

  • Symptoms of stress, anxiety and overwhelm
  • Parent-Child Relationship or Parenting skills for families
  • Healing from traumatic experiences or abuse
  • Symptoms of depression, isolating, or not-communicating with loved ones
  • School and test anxiety
  • Problems with parents, siblings or other family members
  • Low self esteem
  • Relationship problems with peers
  • Stress related to gender or sexual identity


Teen counseling sacramento

Nadia Padurets, LMFT
Counselor for Teens & Families

Hi, I’m Nadia.  I am Love Heal Grow’s Counseling’s teen, children, and family specialist.

The most important part of my professional philosophy is my clients are my priority.

I make sure that I provide my clients and their families with professional support and alliance in a safe space.

Your teen may be going through various challenges or adjustments in their lives which may include dissatisfaction with self-image and peer to peer or child-parent relationships.

During the therapy process, teens and their families have an opportunity to communicate and process their stressors and then explore their strengths and alternative options to develop a sense of hope, rebuild self-confidence, positive self-talk, and improve interaction with family members as well as with friends.

I use:

Person-Centered therapy, where I provide you and your child with place where you can communicate and process your present emotions, feelings, and thoughts with certainty that you are being understood and supported rather than judged.

Solution Focus Therapy, a tool that helps children, parents, couples, and families repair their distressed relationship, and gain greater awareness of their emotions. This model also provides individuals with strategies to effectively cope, regulate, and transform their emotions and feelings, while building tighter bonds with the people that matter most.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy helps you learn how to recognize and change the automatic negative thoughts that negatively influence on mood and behavior.

If you feel like you’ve found yourself in a difficult situation of your life and don’t know how to deal with it on your own, please don’t hesitate to reach me out for professional help.

Our Therapists:

Megan Negendank Therapist Sacramento

Megan Negendank, LMFT

Licensed Psychotherapist & Executive Director

-Improving Emotional & Physical Intimacy for Couples & Individuals
-Healing from Trauma & Anxiety
-Grief & Loss Counseling

Read more.

Fee: 250/appointment
Waitlist Only
Email to be added

Veronica Perez-Thayer, Therapist

Veronica Perez-Thayer, LMFT

Therapist & Practice Coordinator

-Relationship Help for Couples, Individuals, LGBTQ+
-Sex Therapy
-Grief & Loss Counseling

Read more.

Limited Availability

Fee: 170/appointment

Nadia Therapist Sacramento

Nadia Padurets, LMFT


-Couples Therapy: Communication, Intimacy & Rebuilding Trust
-Healing from Trauma & Anxiety
-Family Therapy: Parenting Help or Teen Therapy

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Mondays - Wednesdays
Limited Availability
Fee: 190/appointment

Katie Therapist Sacramento

Katie Woodson, AMFT


-Relationship Therapy for Couples & Individuals
-Sex Therapy & Communication Support
-Adults & Teens: Eating Disorders, Body Image & Anxiety

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Wednesdays - Saturdays (Including evenings)

Fee: 140/appointment

Navneet Therapist Sacramento

Navneet Kaur, APCC


-Relationship Therapy (Better Connection & More Trust)
-Sex Therapy
-Trauma Therapy: Healing from Family and Cultural Experiences

Read more.

Tuesdays-Thursdays & Saturdays (Including Evenings)

Fee: 150/appointment

Therapist Sacramento Annie

Annie Sankey, AMFT, APCC


-Relationship Therapy (Better Connection & More Trust)
-Sex Therapy
-Trauma Therapy: Healing from Emotional, Physical or Sexual Trauma

Read more.

Tuesdays, Thursdays - Saturdays (Including Evenings)

Fee: 140/appointment

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