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Relationship Focused Therapy & Counseling

Life and relationships can feel complicated sometimes.

We’re here to help.

We blend compassionate counseling techniques (based in empathy) and research-based therapy methods  (backed by science) to help our clients  improve their lives and relationships.

Are you ready to love, heal and grow in your life and relationships?

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Sacramento’s Premier Relationship-Focused Counseling Center

Counseling & Therapy Services for:








You can have a more fulfilling life with happier relationships and less stress!  Our highly-trained and compassionate therapists draw from leading evidenced based methods to support individuals who want less stress & anxiety, better connection to others, or need support healing from past painful experiences or a loss of a loved one.  All our therapists work with adults while some therapists have specialized experiences supporting teens.










You can have a secure, connected, and intimate relationship with your partner!  Our highly-trained and compassionate couples therapists draw from leading couple therapy methods including emotionally focused couples therapy and Gottman method couples therapy.  Our therapists specialize in helping couples find ways through the conflict to a deeper connection.  As trauma-informed therapists, we are skilled at supporting couples who need help working through painful experiences, betrayal, and trauma.  All our therapists have additional training in sex therapy to support you to connect in both an emotionally and physically intimate way. 

In Midtown Sacramento and Online Anywhere in California

Our Therapists Specialize in:

Counseling for Relationships





Couples therapy can help you improve communication, rebuild trust, and have better emotional and physical intimacy.  Our couples therapists are here to support you!





Sex therapy can help you learn how to broach sensitive topics with your partner, improve your confidence when it comes to sex, improve sexual connection and pleasure, address sexual disorders, and work through painful sexual experiences. Our therapists are sex-positive and lgbtqia+ affirmative.





Maybe you find yourself getting stuck in the same types of unfulfilling relationships.  Maybe you want couples therapy but your partner isn’t ready to start.  Or maybe you are going through a painful break up.  Our therapists can help!





You want to start your marriage with a deep connection and strong foundation.  Our couples therapists love supporting premarital couples.





You want to rebuild trust and get to a happier place–but right now the pain is excruciating and you don’t know how to get through.  Our trauma-informed couples therapists have specialized training in supporting couples (or individuals) through infidelity. 





Love Heal Grow is an LGBTQIA+ affirmative practice–you are welcome (and embraced) here.  

Anxiety, Trauma & Loss





Stuck in your head, worrying, heart pounding, can’t focus.  Anxiety and stress are so common–but if coping with your anxiety and stress has become too overwhelming, reach out to a skilled therapist to help.





Our trauma-informed therapists help survivors of childhood abusive homes, domestic violence, and other physical, emotional, or sexual abuse experiences.  Relationship trauma can leave deep wounds for decades–but it doesn’t need to be this way.  You deserve healing!





All of our relationship therapists have special training in grief counseling.  Losing a loved one can be one of the hardest experiences we go through, and our society does not do a good job of supporting others through grief.  We are here for you.





Sexual abuse in childhood, sexual assault and rape, sexual harassment and discrimination.  All of these experiences can impact our ability to feel safe in our own bodies and in relationships with others.  Our trauma-informed therapists have specialized training in helping survivors heal from sexual trauma and (if they choose) develop a more secure relationship to their sexuality.

Our Therapists:

Annie is a therapist who offers counseling in sacramento, ca at love heal grow

Annie Sankey, AMFT, APCC


-Relationship Therapy (Better Connection & More Trust)
-Sex Therapy
-Trauma Therapy: Healing from Emotional, Physical or Sexual Trauma

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Tuesdays, Thursdays - Saturdays (Including Evenings)

Fee: 140/appointment

Daylyn Musante Therapist in Sacramento who offers counseling at Love Heal Grow

Daylyn Musante, LCSW


-Couples Therapy & Relationship Help
-Trauma, Anxiety, Stress Management
-Sex Therapy & Better Intimacy
-Grief Counseling

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Tuesdays - Thursdays (evenings available)

Fee: 170/appointment

Katie is a Therapist in Sacramento who offers counseling at Love Heal Grow

Katie Woodson, AMFT


-Relationship Therapy for Couples & Individuals
-Sex Therapy & Communication Support
-Adults & Teens: Eating Disorders, Body Image & Anxiety

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Wednesdays - Saturdays (Including evenings)

Fee: 140/appointment

Megan Ellis is a Therapist in Sacramento, CA and Online who offers grief counseling at Love Heal Grow

Megan Ellis, LMFT


-Relationship Therapy for Couples & Individuals
-Healing from Trauma
-Intense Emotions & Unhealthy Relationships
-Sex Therapy

Read more.

Sundays - Thursdays

Fee: 170/appointment

Megan Negendank is a Therapist in Sacramento who offers counseling at Love Heal Grow

Megan Negendank, LMFT

Licensed Psychotherapist & Executive Director
Training & Clinical Supervision

-Improving Emotional & Physical Intimacy for Couples & Individuals
-Healing from Trauma & Anxiety
-Grief & Loss Counseling

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Fee: 250/appointment
Not accepting clients at this time.

Nadia is a Therapist in Sacramento who offers counseling at Love Heal Grow

Nadia Padurets, LMFT


-Couples Therapy: Communication, Intimacy & Rebuilding Trust
-Relationship Help for Individuals
-Healing from Trauma & Anxiety
-Family Therapy: Parenting Help or Teen Therapy

Read more.

Mondays - Wednesdays
Limited Availability
Fee: 190/appointment

Navneet is a Therapist in Sacramento who offers counseling and online therapy in California

Navneet Kaur, APCC


-Relationship Therapy (Better Connection & More Trust)
-Sex Therapy
-Trauma Therapy: Healing from Family and Cultural Experiences

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Tuesdays-Thursdays & Saturdays (Including Evenings)

Fee: 150/appointment

Veronica Perez-Thayer is a Therapist in Sacramento, CA who offers counseling at Love Heal Grow

Veronica Perez-Thayer, LMFT

Therapist & Practice Coordinator

-Relationship Help for Couples, Individuals, LGBTQ+
-Sex Therapy
-Grief & Loss Counseling

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Limited Availability

Fee: 190/appointment

Hi, I’m Megan, licensed therapist and founder of Love Heal Grow Counseling.

We help our clients reconnect to what matters most – their relationships and values – so that they can lead a more fulfilling life.


Why work with us?  Along with our compassion (We’re easy to talk to), we bring years of experience and advanced research-based methods to the table (we know our stuff).

We also know the importance of valuing you and your perspective.  You bring the most important element of therapy–yourself.  With your openness, honesty and commitment to counseling, we’ll get to the heart of the matter so you can heal, grow and begin to lead a more fulfilling life.



We love the diversity of Sacramento and we embrace all people and relationships.

We are:

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