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LGBTQ+ Affirmative Therapy Sacramento

Couples, Individuals, & Non-Traditional Relationships

Navigating relationships, identity and sexuality can be overwhelming and stressful.

Relationships are hard enough and if you are considering counseling, you might be noticing the additional stress of trying to find a therapist who will respect and affirm your unique identity intersectionalities.

If you identify as gay, lesbian, bi, trans, gender non-binary, queer, monogamous or poly, you might feel nervous about finding a therapist you can trust–a therapist who will not impose hurtful values or judgment as you seek support.

Maybe you are facing challenges of communication, sexual intimacy, discrimination, family planning, or healing from a betrayal.  Whatever you may be experiencing, you need a safe and supportive environment where you can receive high quality therapy and acceptance.

Our therapists at Love Heal Grow Counseling are here to help.

We love the diversity of Sacramento and welcome all people and relationships.

Spotlight on Annika Leah Yokum, ASW

Annika joined Love Heal Grow Counseling this summer.  Prior to joining our team, she worked at the Center for Women & Community in Massachusetts where she specialized in relationships.

Her coworkers noticed her strength in supporting LGBTQ individuals and partners and she became the go-to therapist at the center for queer identified and non-traditional relationships.  

Her style as a therapist is trauma-informed and strength-based.

Schedule an appointment with Annika today for LGBTQ affirmative therapy.

You deserve healthy relationships, healing and deeper connection with the people who matter to you.