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Sacramento Grief Therapy & Bereavement Counseling

Losing a person we love can be one of the most painful experiences we go through as human beings.

You might feel overwhelmed and stuck, as everything reminds you of this person and all the things you wish you could say.

You are not alone. 

It’s possible to move through this pain to a place of peace.  For now, it’s okay to let yourself grieve.

Grief Counseling Sacramento Therapist

Maybe you thought you were prepared to lose this person, or maybe the loss was sudden.

All you know is that the pain is overwhelming and the thought of them no longer being there to turn to sometimes makes you feel like you can’t go on.

You may have feelings of regret, anger, guilt, depression, fear, or hopelessness.

You might feel like you need to be brave and strong for those around you.

It may feel like there’s no one to turn to for support.

We can talk through these feelings together.

Sacramento Grief Counselor

Hi, I’m Megan, therapist and founder of Love Heal Grow Counseling.  I am a counselor with over a decade of experience supporting individuals and families impacted by grief and loss, including supporting individuals, caregivers, and family members as a hospice counselor.

At Love Heal Grow, we specialize in relationships; we understand that grieving and the loss of important people can feel isolating.  We want you to know you are not alone.

Our therapists would be honored to support you.

Contact us for an appointment today.

We will walk through your memories, feelings, and thoughts together as you move towards peace and closure for your loss.

Though the feeling of loss may always be there, it will become more bearable and you will learn to move through your grief.

Bereavement Counseling Sacramento

You deserve support.