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Online Therapy in California

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CA Therapists Providing

Relationship-Focused Online Therapy in California

Why do the areas of life that are supposed to bring us the most joy, sometimes cause us the most pain?

Life and relationships are so hard sometimes.

But, our online therapists are here to help.

We blend compassionate counseling techniques (based in empathy) and research-based therapy methods  (backed by science) to help our clients  improve their lives and relationships.

The best part?  We are easily accessible to all Californians from the comfort of your own home through our secure online therapy platform.

So. are you ready to love, heal and grow in your life and relationships?

Take the first step and schedule your appointment today–we can’t wait to support you!


What Our Clients are Saying about Online Therapy*

*All quotes are paraphrased and shared with permission.

A couple lay in bed as they focus on something on their laptop. This could represent a couple discovering online therapy in California. An online therapist can support you with teletherapy services from the comfort of your own home. Learn more about online anxiety therapy today.

“What’s weird is I think I might prefer it this way to coming down to the office sometimes; I just feel more relaxed at home.”

A woman types on her laptop in the kitchen. She appears to be enjoying a glass of milk, and is focused on the screen. This could symbolize the relaxed nature of online therapy in California. We offer online grief counseling, online anxiety therapy, and other more. Reach out to an online therapist to learn more about our teletherapy services.

“I didn’t know how this would feel, but it actually just feels like we’re at a normal session in your office.”

A concerned African-American man holds his head in his hands as he reacts to something on his laptop. This could represent a difficult conversation that is had during online therapy in California. Contact an online therapist today for more info on our teletherapy services.

“I’ve just been so stressed out, but I’m so glad I don’t have to stop therapy while this is going on. Thank you for doing this.”


California’s Online Relationship-Focused Counseling Center

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Our Online Therapy Platform is Easy to Navigate


Step 1: Receive Reminder Emails
Click “Join Video Call” Link

A screenshot of an email reminder for an online therapy appointment that reads "Hi Megan, This is a reminder that you have an appointment with Love Heal Grow Counseling at 2:00pm (PDT) on thursday, march 19th: Add to your calendar: iCloud, Google, Outlook, Love Heal Grow Counseling. Your unique video appointment link: Join Video Call". We offer online therapy services for the residents of California. Contact an online therapist for support today!

Step 2: You are Routed to the Platform
(You’ll need to download the app if using a smartphone)

A screenshot of the waiting room for a teletherapy platform called Telehealth. We offer similar support with online therapy in California, online LGBTQ therapy, and other services.

Step 3: Start Online Therapy with Your Therapist!


An online therapist waves at her client over teletherapy. We offer online therapy in California, online grief counseling, and other services. Contact an online therapist today for support.

New to Telehealth or Online Therapy?

Some FAQ’s to Get You Up to Speed:

What do I need to know for our online video session?

All you need is high-speed internet access, a smartphone or computer, and a private location. This could be a room in your house, your office, your backyard, or even your car. You can choose to go audio-only if you prefer and it will be more like a normal phone call.

You will receive an email with your unique video link the day before the appointment.

Our video conferencing software is secure and HIPAA-compliant.

Please make sure the private location allows you to have the same level of focus and truth you show in our in-person sessions. This may be a room with a closed door. Or, your office where you have privacy at work, and even your car if you prefer.

Is Online Therapy effective?

Yes! Actually, studies are showing that online therapy is just as effective as in-person therapy. In fact, it even has some benefits that in-person therapy does not (such as easier access and feeling calmer in sessions since you are in your own space).

In fact, at Love Heal Grow Counseling, we have been successfully providing telehealth services for 4 years to serve clients through out California and when clients are traveling for work, stuck at the office, or home sick.

We’re committed to continuing care and helping you reach your therapy goals.

Can I use my smartphone for the appointment?

Yes. If you plan to use a smartphone, you will be prompted to download an app first. So, please log on 15 minutes early to download the app and log in. The name of the app is Telehealth by SimplePractice if you would like to download it ahead of time.

Can my partner and I take the meeting in different locations?

Yes, you can both use the link provided in the email reminder and join the call separately.

How long do you plan on offering online appointments in lieu of in-person appointments?

We will continue to follow local government, CDC, and Public Health recommendations. We will reassess regularly.  Due to the nature of therapy (indoors, enclosed space, for prolonged periods of time), we are monitoring impact of vaccinations and will return at limited capacity in summer of 2021 as long as conditions remain hopeful.

How do I schedule additional appointments or reschedule appointments I’ve already made?
Will you remain an online therapy practice after the pandemic?

Yes!  10-20% of our clients met with us via online therapy before the pandemic and online therapy will always be an option for our clients.  

Love Heal Grow Therapists:

Maria Dimachkie, ACSW

Maria Dimachkie, ACSW

Therapist | 160 per therapy session | Relationship & Sex Therapy, Trauma: Sexual Assault & Relationship Abuse, Anxiety & Depression | Accepting Clients
Susan DuBay, LMFT

Susan DuBay, LMFT

Therapist | 200 per therapy session | Relationship & Sex Therapy, Survivors of Abuse and Trauma, LGBTQ+, Anxiety & Stress, Folks wanting to go deep in their trauma work | Accepting clients
Charisse Brass, AMFT

Charisse Brass, AMFT

Therapist | 160 per therapy session | Relationship & Sex Therapy, Emotional & Physical Connection, Trauma & Anxiety, Existential Angst & Life Meaning | Accepting Clients
Rachel Cloud, LCSW

Rachel Cloud, LCSW

Therapist & Clinical Supervisor | 200 per therapy session | Relationship & Sex Therapy, Trauma & Anxiety, LGBTQ+, People who care deeply and are told they are "too much" | Waitlist
Linda Rolufs, LMFT

Linda Rolufs, LMFT

Therapist | 210 per therapy session | Relationship & Sex Therapy, Anxiety & OCD, Young Adults with Anxiety, Women Who Feel Invisible | Waitlist
Madison Hamzy, AMFT (Online Only)

Madison Hamzy, AMFT (Online Only)

Therapist | 170 per therapy session | Early mornings available | Relationship & Sex Therapy, Trauma & Anxiety, People who get stuck in their heads and worry a lot | Accepting Clients
Joanna de Leon, AMFT (Online Only)

Joanna de Leon, AMFT (Online Only)

Therapist | 160 per therapy session | Relationship & Sex Therapy, Dating & Pre-Marital Relationships, Anxiety & Pressure to be Successful, Introverts | Accepting Clients
Ashley Rodriguez, AMFT (Online Only)

Ashley Rodriguez, AMFT (Online Only)

Therapist | 170 per therapy session | Relationship & Sex Therapy, Low Self Esteem, Stress & Life Changes, People who want healthier relationships than those modeled to them in childhood | Accepting Clients
Megan Negendank, LMFT, CST

Megan Negendank, LMFT, CST

Therapist, Clinical Supervisor & Founder | 450 per therapy session | Relationship Trauma, Emotional & Physical Intimacy | Not accepting clients at this time.
Katie Brumfield, AMFT

Katie Brumfield, AMFT

Therapist | 170 per therapy session | Relationship & Sex Therapy, Eating Disorders, Rebuilding Trust, Communication & Connection | Accepting Clients
Ann Marie McKnight, LMFT

Ann Marie McKnight, LMFT

Therapist | 200 per therapy session | Relationship & Sex Therapy, Grief & Loss, Adults who experienced Childhood Emotional Neglect, Inner Child Work | Accepting Clients
Maegan Tanner, AMFT

Maegan Tanner, AMFT

Therapist | 160 per therapy session | Relationship & Sex Therapy, LGBTQIA+, Stress & Burnout, Anxiety and Trauma | Waitlist

Begin Online Therapy in California Today!

You don’t have to drive into an office for quality mental health. Our caring, online therapists can support you from the comfort of your own home from our Sacramento, CA-based therapy practice. All appointments are scheduled online through our client portal. But, if you would like to speak with our intake coordinator before scheduling please leave a voicemail at 916.572.7412 or email You may also reach out to a therapist directly to request a 10-15 minute phone consult. To start your therapy journey, follow these steps:

  1. Click here to visit our scheduling page
  2. Meet with an online therapist
  3. Start healing from the comfort of your own home!


Read more about our therapy services:

Online therapy is not the only service we offer from our Sacramento, CA-based therapy practice. Other therapy services offered at Love Heal Grow include, Therapy for Teens, Couples Therapy, Sex Therapy, Trauma-Focused Therapy, Relationship Therapy for One. Or, you can also visit our fees & questions page for more information on our practice.

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