Lindsay Glass, LMFT

Therapist in Sacramento & Online
pronouns: she, her, hers

Available Monday – Thursday 


Relationship Therapy for Partners & Individuals: Improve Emotional Connection
Sex Therapy
Trauma, Anxiety, & Depression
Grief & Loss Counseling



Lindsay is on leave until August 2023.  She looks forward to connecting with you upon her return.

LINDSAY GLASS best therapists sacramento california

I help​ deep thinkers & feelers who grew up in families where emotions and difficult conversations were avoided or uncomfortable.  Now you feel stuck and overwhelmed as an adult trying to have healthy relationships and a less stressful life.


You can experience more fulfillment in your life and relationships! I’m here to support you.


I’m the type of therapist who helps her clients dive deep so they can feel loved even in their deepest and scariest emotions!  


In my office it’s okay to say the thing: tell your partner what you’ve really been feeling inside and get support to get to a better place;

talk for the first time about that scary and confusing thing that happened so you can finally feel less alone;

ask a question that you’re embarrassed to have and I’ll smile and reassure you that there’s nothing to be embarrassed about.

I create an atmosphere in therapy that helps my clients feel like they can talk about anything. It may not always be easy, but I will walk alongside you as you begin to unpack the painful, the confusing, and even the joyful things in life and relationships.


I don’t tell you what to do or judge whether you’ve got it all together or not.  (Surprise: no one has it all together!)

I believe that you are the expert of yourself and your experiences. I will meet you where you’re at, and support you in feeling empowered to start to explore yourself more deeply. My role as a therapist is not to “fix” you, because I don’t believe that you are broken, but to support you in uncovering a deeper connection to yourself.


Life can be stressful and difficult to navigate at times.  That’s an understatement.

Through an attachment based lens, while also integrating body and mind through somatic and experiential based practices, I can assist in calming anxieties, managing depression, and relationship challenges/blocks that are getting in the way of having a rich, full life.


I can help couples work to unstick difficult patterns in their relationship and create a more secure, safe and loving bond with each other.

Relationships can be challenging to navigate and it’s courageous to invest in your relationship and look honestly at it. As a couples therapist, I don’t take sides, but we will work collaboratively to uncover the roots of the problem to create the connection with your partner that you’re longing to have.


I especially am skilled at supporting people who have went through a very bad thing in the past and really want understand, heal, or even let go.

Whether you come to me for one-on-one therapy or with a partner, I can help you unpack the layers of your experience and conflicting feelings.

Hurt by someone you love? 

Worried that past relationship that was filled with drama might actually have been abusive? 

Lost a family member at a younger age and still get hit by strong waves of grief or guilt? 

Worried about recreating some of the same patterns that were in your family growing up now that you’re having children yourself?  

Therapy with me is a great place to work through these things.


On a personal note…


I was drawn to providing psychotherapy after my own experiences of loss of a loved one at a young age. My own therapy work has allowed me to come to a place of connection and awareness of myself, thus cementing my belief in the value of the healing benefits of therapy and the idea that we are all wired for healing and growth.


I am passionate about traveling the world, and have had the opportunity to travel to 26 different countries. These experiences have given me a unique perspective on life, love, and the beauty of our world. I also enjoy doing yoga and being active, being out in nature, baking, and spending time with friends, family, my wonderful husband and our two dogs, Bailey and Rufus!

Articles by Lindsay

Stress and Anxiety About Starting a New Job and How to Manage That

Formal Credentials

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (#137450): Licensed to practice psychotherapy in California.


MA: Pacifica Graduate Institute
BS: University of Texas, at Austin



Love Heal Grow Residency Trainings in Progress
Gottman Method Couples Therapy: Level I
Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (Hold Me Tight Program)
Gottman Couples Therapy: Level 2
Gottman Couples Therapy: Trauma and Infidelity
Modern Sex Therapy Institute: Addressing Common Sexual Concerns in Individuals and Couples
Modern Sex Therapy Institute: LGBTQIA Affirmative Therapy
Modern Sex Therapy Institute: Alternative Sexualities/Non-Traditional Relationships
Anti-Racism & Culturally Affirmative Care,
Diversity & Resiliency Institute of El Paso

Advanced Trainings/Certifications
Somatic Experiencing Workshop with Peter Levine
Emotionally Focused Therapy 4-day Externship with Sue Johnson
Emotionally Focused Therapy Core Skills Training
Brainspotting Training Level 1 with Lisa Larson
Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy with Dr. Robert Allen

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