Make More Love: Intimacy Course

Sex is Awkward

You and your partner have a pretty strong relationship.

You can talk about most things, you handle conflict without blowing up at each other, and you support each other’s hopes and dreams.

There’s trust in the relationship and you feel comfortable opening up about anything…


Almost anything.

There’s an elephant in the room, though.

An elephant wearing lingerie.

Your sex life isn’t where either of you want it and you just don’t know how to talk about it.

Because it feels so…awkward.


You love your partner, but sex & intimacy isn’t where you want it to be.


You’re worried a kiss or long embrace might lead to sex—when (ugh!) you have like a million other things to do.

You cringe when your partner walks in on you naked.

You might think about initiating sex, but seconds later you’ve already talked yourself out of it.

You’re tired of dodging your partner’s advances, of zoning out while you’re making love, of seeing the pain of rejection on your partner’s face (oh, the guilt!)


You know…hope…think?…it can be better than this.

But you feel awkward and nervous talking about it.

You’re worried the part of you that used to enjoy sex is slowly dying inside.

You want it to be better. You just don’t know where to start.

What if your sex life could make your heart flutter, your body tingle and your toes curl?

Wake up from a sex dream and turn to your partner for some action.

Be the one who can't wait to hop into bed on your anniversary (and your birthday...and Friday afternoon, just because.)

Catch yourself fantasizing on your lunch break as you replay the great sex you had the night before.

Your body is wired for pleasure and connection.

My Make More Love: Intimacy Course will help you get there!

sexual fulfillment course

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In this course, you will:

Get clear on what you need for better sex and confidently discuss your desires with your partner.

So that you can have the mind-blowing and heart-filling sex you’ve always dreamed of.

Stop getting so stuck in your head, distracted, and judgy with yourself.

So you can be in the moment and actually enjoy your body and the feeling of your partner’s touch.

Learn my secret tips to help you optimize your pleasure and desire.

So you will naturally move your partner to the top of your to-do list..

The sex education you wish you got in high school.

This Six-Week Course deep dives into the most important three ingredients to better love-making!


Week 1:

You’ll watch three short videos, complete two exercises and a survey to help you get the most out of this course.


Week 2:

You’ll focus on the foundation of great intimacy: COMMUNICATION. Two videos and two handouts provide you with hours of bonding experience around sex that you can return to for years to come.


Week 3:

You’ll begin our focus on CONNECTION.  4 videos and 4 exercise handouts get you well on your way to feeling more connected to your partner (and yourself!).


Week 4: 

You’ll continue working on CONNECTION and turn it up a few notches.  The most life-changing week of the 6 in my opinion, I introduce the BEST way to up pleasure, increase desire, be a better lover, and just all around have better sex.  One longer form video lesson and detailed exercise handouts.


Week 5:

You’ll learn more about what keeps intimacy exciting year after year in the week of CAPTIVATION. A video and handout get you started on planning for (and having!) better, more thrilling sex.


Week 6:

Climax and Closure… Don’t just turn over and fall asleep, you’ve completed the program and are well on your way to years of better intimacy.  One video and two conversation prompts close out the course.

sexual fulfillment course

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For $297, you receive instant-access to 6 weeks of videos, tips, and exercises to help you make more love with better intimacy!



When my therapy clients come to me for sex therapy, it often takes 8-10 sessions for them to receive all the information provided for you instantly in this course.



(At $200 an appointment, that’s $2000 of therapy!)



Additionally, for a limited time, I am offering direct access to me, your intimacy coach, up to two times during the three months following your purchase of the course.



After purchasing the course and when you need additional support, simply send me your question via email and I will respond directly to your question on Instagram (your name omitted of course!).



How can I afford to give so much information and support for only $297?



I truly believe that better intimacy is FOUNDATIONAL to happier, healthier lives and relationships.  In hard times like now, we NEED better connection to get through.  



My hope is that with this psychoeducation and self-help resource, I reach many many more folx needing help connecting intimately than I could ever support in the 1-to-1 or 1-to-2 model of therapy.

Join us in the Make More Love: Intimacy Course Today!

sexual fulfillment course

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Megan Negendank, Couples Psychotherapist and Sex Therapist

Hi, I’m Megan Negendank.

I’m a long-time couples therapist, certified sex therapist, and owner of a relationship counseling center.

I’ve helped literally thousands of people have better intimacy.

Now in the Make More Love: Intimacy Course, I help couples like you have heart-fluttering, body-tingling sex.

I think we NEED emotional and physical connection for our relationships to thrive.
And I’m obsessed with helping you get there.

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