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Grief Counseling

In Sacramento, CA & Online Throughout California

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We Help Grieving People Who’ve Lost Someone They Love.

You’re aching inside each morning when you wake up and feel the emptiness again as you remember your person is gone.

We all grieve in our own ways and in our own time. But, you’re wondering if it’s ever going to stop hurting this badly. 

Maybe you thought you were prepared to lose this person. Or, maybe the loss was sudden.

All you know is that the pain is overwhelming. And the thought of them no longer being there to turn to sometimes makes you feel like you can’t go on.

You may have feelings of regret, anger, guilt, depression, fear, or hopelessness.

You might feel like you need to be brave and strong for those around you.

It may feel like there’s no one to turn to for support.

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The loss of a person we love can be one of the most painful experiences we go through as human beings.

You might feel overwhelmed and stuck as everything reminds you of this person. And, all the things you wish you could say.

You are not alone. 

It’s possible to move through this pain to a place of peace.  For now, it’s okay to let yourself grieve.

At Love Heal Grow, your grief counselor is there every step of the way. In grief counseling, they will walk with you through your memories, feelings, and thoughts together as you move towards peace and closure for your loss.

Though the feeling of loss may always be there. But, it will become more bearable. And, you will learn to move through your grief in grief counseling.

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We grieve because we love.

Therapist Megan N who offers grief counseling in Sacramento, CA at Love Heal Grow as an online therapist in California

Hi, I’m Megan, therapist and founder of Love Heal Grow Counseling.  I am a grief counselor with over a decade of experience supporting individuals and families impacted by grief and loss. Including supporting individuals, caregivers, and family members as a hospice counselor.

At Love Heal Grow, we specialize in relationships. We understand that grieving and the loss of important people can feel isolating.  We want you to know you are not alone.

Our grief counselors would be honored to support you.

Contact us for an appointment today.

Love Heal Grow Therapists:

Rachel Cloud, LCSW

Rachel Cloud, LCSW

Therapist & Clinical Supervisor | 200 per therapy session | Relationship & Sex Therapy, Trauma & Anxiety, LGBTQ+, People who care deeply and are told they are "too much" | On Leave Until Spring 2024
Samaria Parada, AMFT

Samaria Parada, AMFT

Therapist | 160 per therapy session | Relationship & Sex Therapy, Trauma & Anxiety, Depression, Bilingual (English/Spanish) | Accepting Clients
Ashley Jacobs, LMFT

Ashley Jacobs, LMFT

Therapist & Clinical Supervisor | 250 per therapy session | Relationship & Sex Therapy, Trauma & Grief, Depression & Anxiety, People who've been through the ringer in life | Accepting Clients
Madilyn Schweikert, AMFT

Madilyn Schweikert, AMFT

Therapist | 160 per therapy session | Relationship & Sex Therapy, Trauma & PTSD, Self Esteem & Self Worth | Accepting Clients
Madison Hamzy, AMFT (Online Only)

Madison Hamzy, AMFT (Online Only)

Therapist | 180 per therapy session | Early mornings available | Relationship & Sex Therapy, Trauma & Anxiety, People who get stuck in their heads and worry a lot | Accepting Clients
Maria Dimachkie, ACSW

Maria Dimachkie, ACSW

Therapist | 160 per therapy session | Relationship & Sex Therapy, Trauma: Sexual Assault & Relationship Abuse, Anxiety & Depression | Accepting Clients
Ann Marie McKnight, LMFT

Ann Marie McKnight, LMFT

Therapist | 200 per therapy session | Relationship & Sex Therapy, Grief & Loss, Adults who experienced Childhood Emotional Neglect, Inner Child Work | Waitlist

You can meet with your grief counselor in Sacramento, CA.
Or, through online therapy in California. With online therapy, you can work with a grief counselor from the comfort of your home.



If you are considering grief counseling, you may be … 


-Unsure where to start or what to expect. 

-Worried you may just cry the entire time and that it will hurt too bad. Or, that grief counseling won’t be helpful.  Others have encouraged you to start grief counseling, but you just aren’t sure.

Feeling disconnected from others.  You cannot imagine not having your loss be the central, all-consuming part of your life.

Replaying memories or moments in your minds. It helps you feel connected to your loved one. And, also can bring on overwhelming sadness, guilt, longing, or even anger.

-Feeling like little moments are hard. (“This is when we would have been saying goodnight”, “this is when he would have given me a hug”). And the big ones are hard, too (“this is when they would have walked me down the aisle”, “they would have been so happy this day”).






Our grief counselors can help you process your grief by:


-Learning about your loved one and everything that made them special.   

-Helping you find peace around the way things happened, whatever that looks like for you.

-Supporting you in finding ways to honor the memory of your loved one so that you can feel connected to them always.

-Helping you learn to find kindness and compassion for yourself in this process.

-Sometimes we’ll ask you questions. Sometimes you will just share whatever is on your mind.  What we know is that speaking the thoughts and feelings that are building inside helps us stay connected to our loved ones. And, allows us to care for ourselves.




Through the process of grief counseling, you may:


-Feel more connected to your joyful memories of your loved one and less overwhelmed by suffering that may have filled the last hours, days, or years of their life. 

-Find a way to get through your day with more moments of peace and joy.

-Feel secure in your knowledge that you will always be connected to your person. And while guilt is normal, it is okay to hold them in your heart as you reconnect with your life and others.

-Find yourself able to share freely about your person to others without becoming frozen in a tearful place.




You deserve support.

Begin Grief Counseling in Sacramento, CA

We’re all too familiar with navigating the waters of grief. However, you don’t have to do it alone with grief counseling. Our grief counselors have years of experience helping people just like you. Our grief counselors are happy to work with you in our Sacramento-based counseling practice of through online therapy in California. When you’re ready to begin grief counseling in Sacramento, CA, follow these steps:

  1. Contact us to schedule an appointment. 
  2. Get to know our team of grief counselors.
  3. Allow yourself to heal, love, and grow.

Other Helpful Details

If you have additional questions, you can take a look at our fees & questions page for more information on our practice.  All appointments are scheduled online through our client portal, but if you would like to speak with our intake coordinator before scheduling please leave a voicemail at 916.572.7412 or email You may also reach out to a therapist directly to request a 10-15 minute phone consult.


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