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It’s very common for people who experienced trauma in childhood to struggle with anxiety as adults.  This probably makes sense but can also be a source of frustration, confusion and self-incrimination.

“It’s over.”  “It’s in the past.”  “That was so long ago” “Why can’t I get over it?”  “What is wrong with me?”  “Am I crazy?”  “I must be broken.”  These are things I often hear from my clients who have past trauma and struggle with the effects of ongoing anxiety. 

 Anxiety is a natural reaction to a threat, a potential threat, or a perceived threat.  It’s our nervous system’s way of keeping us safe.  If, as a child, you were living in an unsafe environment or one in which you could not count on adults to consistently care for and protect you, your nervous system was persistently experiencing a state of threat.  

Because you were a child and still growing, your nervous system was growing and developing in a state of elevated arousal and heightened awareness of threats.  The necessity of being hyper-vigilant, hyper-aware and hyper-responsive to potential dangers was basically wired into you, as you grew up.  As a result, you are just, understandably, going to more reactive to possible threats than many of your friends, co-workers or your partner.

This does not mean that all is hopeless, that you are stuck with all the anxiety and struggles forever.  What this means is that there is nothing wrong with you.  Your brain, your body, your nervous system are working just the way they were intended.  

Now that you are an adult and no longer in a threatening environment you can begin to retrain your nervous system.  With patience, self-love, care and the help of a trusted therapist, it’s possible to learn to finally feel safe.

If you are looking for professional support to heal from trauma and learn how to manage your anxiety, schedule an appointment with me today.

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