Annie Sankey, LMFT, APCC

Therapist in Sacramento & Online
pronouns: she, her, hers

Available Monday – Thursday (including evenings)


Trauma Therapy for adults healing from sexual assault & abuse
EMDR Therapy
Sex Therapy for Individuals with a specialty on supporting sexual trauma survivors
Healing from betrayal and infidelity
Group Therapy Healing from Sexual Trauma

Therapist Sacramento Annie

I help couples & individuals heal from past and current pain so they can have a more peaceful life and happier relationships.


You can experience more fulfillment in your life and relationships! I’m here to support you.


I’m the type of therapist who creates a space where you don’t have to shy away from the difficult topics–the experiences, hurts and frustrations that keep you up at night.


Connection to others can be hard when we’ve been hurt by people in the past.


We can feel damaged on an emotional, physical, or sexual level by past relationship experiences.  We can also feel very stuck in our current relationships (is it me? is it them?  why does it hurt so much?). I am here to support you on your journey of healing from the past so you are able to reconnect to yourself and the people around you who matter most.


I most want my clients to know that they are not defined by their past painful experiences.


I do not believe that you are broken and are in need of “being fixed”.  I believe that by building a strong therapeutic relationship based on safety, respect, and authenticity, the journey of healing can naturally unfold. I offer space to explore all the internal and external elements that are affected by your experiences and stuck places. Together we will find your inner resources that build experiences of resiliency, peace and joy.


When working with couples, I know that both people are hurting and longing to be understood.


Both people in a partnership come with their own past experiences: how they they were supported (or not supported) in their families, hurts from past relationships, hurts in their current relationship with the person they love.  I seek to find understanding for all these layers, giving each partner support in finding ways to communicate and connect deeply on an intimate level.


We are whole beings (complex & beautiful), consisting of lots of different parts.


We are humans that consist of multiple different body parts as well as psychological & emotional parts. We are not any one thing all the time. Just as I bring my whole self into sessions, I invite you to bring all of you and your parts, your identities, your roles, your past, present  and future. 


My overall goal is to help you feel empowered by your experiences. You are strong, you are resilient!


On a personal note


Outside of therapy, you might find me sailing on the San Francisco Bay. I hold onto the idea that there is always something new to discover whether that be while connecting with nature, friends or myself! 

It can also be helpful to know that I’m a survivor (though of course your therapy isn’t about me)–my experiences of learning to build trust with others and (most importantly) with myself–have been rewarding.  I do believe the work of therapy is worth it.


Sometimes it feels like the things that are supposed to bring us the most joy (relationships, our sexuality) are the source of the most distress–we can transform this experience together in therapy.

Formal Credentials

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, #134668
: Licensed to practice psychotherapy in California




M.A., Counseling Psychology, Marital and Family Therapy: Santa Clara University
B.A., International Business: Stephens College

Love Heal Grow Residency Trainings in Progress
Gottman Method Couples Therapy: Level I
Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (Hold Me Tight Program)
Gottman Couples Therapy: Level 2 
Gottman Couples Therapy: Trauma and Infidelity
Modern Sex Therapy Institute: Addressing Common Sexual Concerns in Individuals and Couples
Modern Sex Therapy Institute: LGBTQIA Affirmative Therapy
Modern Sex Therapy Institute: Alternative Sexualities/Non-Traditional Relationships
Anti-Racism & Culturally Affirmative Care,
Diversity & Resiliency Institute of El Paso

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