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Nadia Padurets, AMFT, APCC



Available Wednesdays – Saturdays (including evenings)


Couples Therapy for Better Relationships. Sex Therapy. Trauma and Anxiety-Focused Therapy for Adults.

Nadia joined us at Love Heal Grow Counseling in Fall of 2019 and is currently accepting new clients.

I help hard-working and stressed-out couples and individuals cope with the chaos of life so they can have more joy, fulfillment, and love.


As a therapist with expertise in anxiety, trauma and relationships, a wife in a long-term partnership, and a mom of four , I know that it’s easy to put all of life’s responsibilities ahead of taking care of yourself or connecting with your partner.

I also know that when we do carve out the time to replenish ourselves or have fun with our partner, everyone in the family wins.


We all have stuff in our lives that can cause pain, stress, or conflict in our relationships.


Hard stuff we’ve gone through, family dynamics that pop up and stress us out each holiday season, things that our parents said or did that we swore we’d never replicate only to notice that…easier said than done.


In therapy, I help people work through this pain to better their relationships with their partners, children and even themselves.


Sometimes that looks like talking through the hard stuff, sometimes it means understanding our own thoughts and feelings better so we don’t get stuck in negative patterns, and sometimes it looks like finding new ways to communicate or take care of ourselves.

In therapy, I use leading psychological practices such as CBT, trauma-informed techniques and emotionally focused couples therapy.


You know how sometimes when you open up to someone it feels like they are judging you, waiting to tell you what they think you should do, or not so much wanting to support you—but just waiting to tell you their own story and make it about them?

That’s not what it will feel like with me.

I also know that you’re coming to me cause you are in PAIN, so we’ll prioritize finding ways out of that pain.


I will create a welcoming space in therapy where I can get to know you and we can collaborate so that you can get to a better place.

You deserve support and understanding—I would be honored to help you.

You have my full attention and care.

I want all my clients to know that I will create a safe-space for them.  All races, sexual orientations, relationship configurations, genders, gender-identities, all people are welcome here.



On a personal note, I am a wife and mother of four beautiful children.


I moved to the United States in my teens and have since been happily married for decades and have raised 4 children.  I know both the difficulties and joys of keeping our relationships strong and creating a happy home.  My proudest life moments include becoming a US Citizen, receiving my Master’s degree, seeing the progress in the lives of my clients, and above all else my marriage and raising my children.  When I’m not working or spending time with loved ones, you might find me listening to music or true crime podcasts, connecting with nature, or watching funny videos.




I’m ready to help you cope with the stress and chaos, and build on the love that’s definitely there.


Formal Credentials

Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, #99832 and Associate Professional Clinical Counselor #4318:
Registered to practice psychotherapy in California
Supervised by Megan Negendank, LMFT #93259


M.A., Marital and Family Therapy:
Brandman University
B.A., Psychology: Brandman University

Advanced Trainings/Certifications

Esther Perel on Intimacy & Infidelity in Couples Therapy
The Healing Power of Emotion
Putting Attachment Theory into Practice

Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Additional Trainings
Currently studying Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy

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