Ashley Rodriguez, AMFT

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pronouns: she/her

Availability: Mondays – Thursdays (including evenings)


Breaking Generational Cycles: Therapy for those who grew up in stressful and painful homes and want something different for themselves now

Couples Therapy
Sex Therapy
People Pleasers & Low Self Esteem
Depression, Anxiety, Trauma

Coaching for Individuals: Learn skills and make change without processing the past

Proud Latinx therapist providing therapy in English only.


Ashley Rodriguez Therapist Sacramento Online

I help individuals and couples who grew up in families where stress, conflict, and pain filled the home–you want something different for yourselves and your relationships now.


You can experience more fulfillment in your life and relationships! I’m here to support you.


I’m the type of therapist who understands that there can be a lot of love in our relationships, but we can still get stuck, feel insecure, and keep getting hurt.


It is REALLY hard to ask for help!

Maybe you don’t want to burden others, or you’re used to managing everything yourself, or maybe even you grew up in a culture where it just wasn’t okay to ask for help.  The pain is inside and you blame yourself that you can’t get through it.  It isn’t your fault, though!  You were taught you needed to do it all on your own, but that isn’t the case.


I like to work with my clients to brainstorm real life steps they can take outside of the therapy room to get them through the pain.

I don’t believe that we need to sit and suffer alone.  You have a life you want to live and there are ways to break free of the pain.


My path into the mental health field was inspired by my own personal challenges which gives me insight into what it would be like as my client.

Growing up Latinx in northern California, I know what it’s like to have both the cultural pride and cultural burdens of being Latina.  Caring for our loved ones, seeing the pain of intergenerational trauma, feeling the discrimination from folks both outside and inside our own communities, knowing that our loved ones will show up for us by being there even if it’s hard for them to get vulnerable with us.  


Whether you are Latinx like me or not, you may relate to how we can experience cycles in our families and our cultures that can make us feel stuck.  

Maybe your parents would go round and round in the same disagreements.

Maybe there is a history of emotional or physical abandonment or even abuse in your family.

Maybe it seems like you or your family members break their backs trying to make it in our society only to be pushed down or have things backfire again and again and again.


When we grow up with these cycles, it’s hard to find our way out.

That’s why I LOVE therapy.  It helps us see these patterns, grieve our pain, take what we do want to hold onto from our families and leave what isn’t working so we can create NEW patterns and traditions.

Patterns that create strong emotional connection, self love and acceptance, and even joy.


We can be the people our ancestors dreamed we could be.

My goal for my clients is to help them find hope in that life can get better and learn to embrace the parts of themselves that make them uniquely different

I am very passionate about the work I do and I feel honored to be a part of your therapeutic journey.

Articles by Ashley

Discomfort is Part of the Growth Process

Formal Credentials


Registered Associate Marriage & Family Therapist,  #128288: Licensed to practice psychotherapy in California under the supervision of Megan Negendank, LMFT 93259.



MA Counseling Psychology: Santa Clara University

BA Psychology: San Jose State University



Love Heal Grow Residency Trainings in Progress
Gottman Method Couples Therapy: Level I
Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (Hold Me Tight Program)
Gottman Couples Therapy: Level 2
Gottman Couples Therapy: Trauma and Infidelity
Modern Sex Therapy Institute: Addressing Common Sexual Concerns in Individuals and Couples
Modern Sex Therapy Institute: LGBTQIA Affirmative Therapy
Modern Sex Therapy Institute: Alternative Sexualities/Non-Traditional Relationships
Anti-Racism & Culturally Affirmative Care,
Diversity & Resiliency Institute of El Paso


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