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Create Connections For Joyful Parenting   

Parenting Class & Therapy Group
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For parents & caregivers who feel overwhelmed, frustrated and ready to learn transformative parenting skills.

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Are you feeling overwhelmed as a parent? 

Are you worried about your child’s mood and behaviors—not sure what to do when it all just seems like just too much?

Parenting in the age of COVID is isolating. 

Love Heal Grow, a counseling practice in California, is launching a 6-week parenting workshop. 


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Our Online Parenting Class is helpful for parents of children who are:

EXHAUSTED. Work, Home, Family, & Covid.  It’s stressful times and parenting feels harder than ever.

STUCK. It’s hard when the cycles of bickering, punishing, or even avoiding our children are keeping us frustrated and disconnected.

HOPEFUL? There has to be a better way to get through this time.  You want support finding ways to connect with your children in ways that keep you both feeling calm, happy, and loved.


how to parent during covid parenting class online in sacramento
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Your wonderful, amazing, stressful child might be:

ACTING OUT.  Why does it feel like they are pushing all of your buttons all of the time?

STRUGGLING.  The stress, sadness, and anxiety of the pandemic is hard on them, too.

LOVING YOU.  You know in your heart your little one wants more connection, but is stuck communicating this in intense ways that push you away.



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Past participants recommend our program:

“The approach in general has helped me not only in parenting my children, but in resetting myself and seeing my own greatness as an individual and as a mom!”


“I loved the group format & hearing from other participants to see I’m not alone in my struggles and desire to raise amazing tiny humans.”


“Daylyn leads with immense grace and is incredibly supportive…She also was an excellent facilitator [of our group].”

online parenting class sacramento california

Our Online Parenting Class Therapy Group will help you:

  • Learn what to do when you feel most challenged by your little one.
  • End negative and stressful behaviors.
  • Build more love, connection and trust in your relationship with your child.
  • Support positive improvement in school and at home.
  • Build your child’s self-esteem and resiliency.
  • Reduce risk of current or future behavioral problems or use of addictive substances.


All children have greatness.  All parents do, too.  Join Daylyn Musante, LCSW at Love Heal Grow and meet other great parents like you—as you work together to learn life-changing parenting techniques.


Group Details:


Only $400 for the entire course per household; you will participate in the complete evidence-based curriculum and have time to get to know other parents just like you!  This group is for residents of California only.

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You are not alone!


You want to relate to your child and to feel closer to your child.  You want to feel ease and joy in parenting (even during a pandemic).

Daylyn Musante, LCSW is licensed therapist and mom and has personally seen the positive impact of the skills taught in this group on hundreds of families.

“Hi, I’m Daylyn! These skills transformed the way I parent and relate to others (adults, children, and myself) in my life. By practicing these skills, I have grown in my ability to trust the greatness in myself, as well as the greatness in my children.

I have seen the way my children’s eyes light up or little hands flutter with excitement, when I’ve helped them to recognize the wonderful contribution they give to this world.  

Parents are currently navigating a profound amount of stress and being asked to navigate hurdles that have never been navigated before. I have seen others find renewed freedom, confidence and joy in parentingMy hope is that this group can create a community of support, understanding and empowerment that overflows into our relationships with the ones we love most.


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