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We help our clients overcome their sexual problems and create fulfilling sex lives!

Reasons for Online Sex Therapy

Men's Sexual Concerns

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Sex therapy can help men experiencing

  • Erectile Dysfunction and problems with orgasm
  • Performance anxiety
  • Body image issues
  • Decreased desire/libido
  • Communication with your partner
  • Problems related to porn use
  • Effects from sexual abuse or trauma

You can enjoy sex!

Nervousness & Anxiety

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Nervousness, awkwardness and performance anxiety related to sex can keep us stuck in our head instead of connecting with our partner. 

You might not know how to talk about sex with your partner. 

Or you might feel really anxious (heart pounding, thoughts racing) about whether your partner will enjoy sex with you or if your body will perform. 

Sex therapy can help us gain confidence, feel comfortable, and learn tips to stop the anxiety we will so we can have better sex.

Women's Sexual Concerns

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Sex therapy can help women experiencing:

  • Low Sexual Desire
  • Painful Intercourse
  • Body Image Issues or Post-Partum Sexuality Changes
  • Anxiety and Nervousness Related to Sex
  • Difficulty reaching orgasm
  • Effects of Sexual Abuse or Trauma

You Can Enjoy Sex!

Bad Stuff in the Past

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It’s rare that any of us get through life without some negative experiences or messages about sex.  Sex therapy can help you work through:

  • Sexual abuse or trauma
  • Embarrassing experiences with partners that get stuck in your mind
  • An upbringing that gave you the message that sex was bad or shameful
  • Judgmental messages that you received about your body, performance or sexuality

Lost the Sexual Passion

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It’s normal to go through sexual ebbs and flows, but did you know that we’re having less sex as a society?  Stress, life responsibilities, boredom with sex life and so many other factors can lead to this. Sex therapy can help couples reignite the passion and prioritize their sex life.

LGBTQ+ Sexuality Help

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We are LGBTQ+ affirmative and welcome individuals and relationships of all backgrounds.


You are tired of feeling frustrated and disappointed.

Whether you are experiencing a new sexual problem or it’s something that you’ve been experiencing for decades. Know you are not alone.
We will listen to you with compassion. We will help you understand what is causing your sexual difficulties, and help get you to a better place.
Depending on what you are experiencing, we also offer home exercises and suggestions. They are backed by science to help you improve sexual problems.

The thought of reaching out to a sex therapist to talk about your sex life may make you feel nervous or embarrassed.

We want to assure you that most people experience issues with sex at some point in their lives. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about!
Two sets of feet can be seen peaking out from the end of a bed. This could symbolize a couple enjoying renewed intimacy as a result of online sex therapy in Sacramento, CA. Contact an online sex therapist for support. Online sex therapy can provide support for you today.

Attending Sex Therapy Alone or With Your Partner

A graphic of a single silhouette for Love Heal Grow Counseling. We offer online sex therapy in Sacramento, CA and other services to support your relationship. Contact a virtual sex therapist for more information about online online couples sex therapy.

Individual Sex Therapy


We can help you figure out why you are having the sexual problems you are experiencing. An online sex therapist can help you and learn new skills to help you.

You might choose individual therapy if you aren’t ready to discuss your concerns with your partner. Of they aren’t ready for therapy, or if you are single.

Individual therapy is also effective for survivors of sexual abuse and trauma.


A graphic of a male and female silhouette standing together for Love Heal Grow. Contact an online sex therapist in Sacramento, CA for support improving your sex life. Online sex therapy can help you today.

With Your Partner


We will support you and your partner as you talk through your sexual problems. This involves identifying different blocks contributing to your challenges, and ultimately get a better place where you both feel joyful and fulfilled sexually.

We are accepting and collaborative. We don’t take sides or look to blame either of you for what you are experiencing.



Getting Started is Easy


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Love Heal Grow Therapists:

Lindsay Glass, LMFT (Online Only)

Lindsay Glass, LMFT (Online Only)

Therapist | 200 per therapy session | Relationship & Sex Therapy, Trauma & Anxiety, Grief & Loss, Deep Thinkers & Deep Feelers | Waitlist
Natalie Delfin, LCSW

Natalie Delfin, LCSW

Therapist & Advanced Sex Therapist | 200 per therapy session | Relationship & Sex Therapy, LGBTQ+, Learning to express feelings, More Pleasurable Sex | Accepting Clients
Maria Dimachkie, ACSW

Maria Dimachkie, ACSW

Therapist | 160 per therapy session | Relationship & Sex Therapy, Trauma: Sexual Assault & Relationship Abuse, Anxiety & Depression | Accepting Clients - Evenings/Weekends Available
Samaria Parada, AMFT

Samaria Parada, AMFT

Therapist | 160 per therapy session | Relationship & Sex Therapy, Trauma & Anxiety, Depression, Bilingual (English/Spanish) | Accepting Clients - Evening/Weekends Available
Susan DuBay, LMFT

Susan DuBay, LMFT

Therapist | 200 per therapy session | Relationship & Sex Therapy, Survivors of Abuse and Trauma, LGBTQ+, Anxiety & Stress, IFS/Parts Work, Folks wanting to go deep in their trauma work | Waitlist
Madilyn Schweikert, AMFT

Madilyn Schweikert, AMFT

Therapist | 160 per therapy session | Relationship & Sex Therapy, Somatic Therapy & EMDR for Trauma & Anxiety, Creatives and Sensitive Adults | Accepting Clients - Evening/Weekends Available
Ella Sword, AMFT

Ella Sword, AMFT

Therapist | 160 per therapy session | Relationship & Sex Therapy, Parenting, Trauma and Stress | Accepting Clients - Limited Availability
Emily Alampi, AMFT (Online Only)

Emily Alampi, AMFT (Online Only)

Therapist | 170 per therapy session | Relationship & Sex Therapy, Anxiety & Stress, Frustration & Anger, LGBTQ+, People who feel like they don't fit in | Accepting clients - Early AM Available
Flo Oliveira, AMFT

Flo Oliveira, AMFT

Therapist & Coach | 170 per therapy session | Relationship & Sex Therapy, Queer & BIPOC, More Pleasure in Sex, CNM & Kink Affirming | Accepting Clients - Evenings Available
Rachel Cloud, LCSW

Rachel Cloud, LCSW

Therapist & Clinical Supervisor | 200 per therapy session | Relationship & Sex Therapy, Trauma & Anxiety, LGBTQ+, People who care deeply and are told they are "too much" | On Leave Until August 2024
Ashley Barnes, AMFT

Ashley Barnes, AMFT

Therapist | 180 per therapy session | Sex & Relationship Therapy, Low Self Esteem, Trauma & Anxiety, High-Achievers & Type-A Personalities | Waitlist
Megan Negendank, LMFT, CST Founder

Megan Negendank, LMFT, CST Founder

Therapist, Clinical Supervisor & Founder | 450 per therapy session | Relationship Trauma, Emotional & Physical Intimacy | Not accepting clients at this time.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is Online Therapy as Effective as In-Person Therapy?

Yes! Research is showing that therapy with professional therapists can be just as effective online as in person.  In some ways, it might be more effective! It can remove barriers to getting to our office.


How much does online sex therapy cost?  How often will we meet?

Appointments range from 140-200 per 50-minute session depending on the therapist you choose.  You can see each therapist’s fees in their bios above.

You should plan on meeting with your therapist weekly or twice a month–just like you would if you were coming into our offices.


What do I need in order to meet with you online?

Just a computer with video/audio capabilities and a high speed internet connection.

Be sure to be in a private setting to protect your privacy.


What qualifies you to provide online sex therapy in Sacramento, CA?

We are a relationship therapy practice in Northern California with special training and experience supporting folks with sexual issues.

Sex therapy is a rare specialty and most therapists are not trained in this area.  Because of this, folks sometimes drive to see us from as far as 2 hours away!  We decided to start providing online sex therapy and other services to meet the need for convenient and quality therapy.


We can’t wait to support you!


Begin Online Sex Therapy in Sacramento, CA at Love Heal Grow!

Having these kinds of conversations can seem so awkward and uncomfortable. But, if you are willing to meet with an online sex therapist, we can help provide the support you deserve. We offer online sex therapy from our Sacramento, CA-based practice. You may also reach out to a therapist directly to request a 10-15 minute phone consult. To start your therapy journey, follow these simple steps:

  1. Click here to visit our scheduling page
  2. Meet with one of our caring sex therapists
  3. Start feeling more intimate with your partner!

Read More About Our Therapy Services

Online sex therapy isn’t the only service we offer from our Sacramento, CA-based therapy practice. Other services offered include couples therapy, online therapy, sex therapy, Trauma-Focused Therapy,  therapy for teens, and relationship therapy for one.  You can also visit our fees & questions page for more information on our practice. Or, click here to visit our scheduling page. All appointments are scheduled online through the client portal. But, if you would like to speak with our intake coordinator before scheduling please leave a voicemail at 916.572.7412. Or, email

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