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Resources to help your relationships and mental health during the COVID-19 crisis.

Articles & Tips

Our therapists are working hard to deliver tips and resources to help you cope during this time.  Scroll down for our recent articles.

Online Video/Phone Therapy

Our therapists have opened extended hours to accept new clients during the COVID-19 crisis.  We are delivering high quality therapy from the safety and comfort of your home.

Free Relationship Workbook

21 pages packed with our best comfort and tips to help your relationship survive the COVID crisis.

Recent COVID Related Articles by our Experts:

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Love Heal Grow Therapists:

Megan Negendank, LMFT, CST Founder

Megan Negendank, LMFT, CST Founder

Therapist, Clinical Supervisor & Founder | 450 per therapy session | Relationship Trauma, Emotional & Physical Intimacy | Not accepting clients at this time.
Jessie Regan, LMFT

Jessie Regan, LMFT

Therapist & Clinical Supervisor | 250 per therapy session | Relationship Therapy, Healing from Infidelity, Discernment & Divorce, Individuals and Couples Impacted by Eating Disorders | Accepting Clients
Linda Rolufs, LMFT (Online Only)

Linda Rolufs, LMFT (Online Only)

Therapist | 210 per therapy session | Relationship & Sex Therapy, Anxiety & OCD, Young Adults with Anxiety, Women Who Feel Invisible | Accepting Clients
Ashley Barnes, AMFT

Ashley Barnes, AMFT

Therapist | 170 per therapy session | Sex & Relationship Therapy, Low Self Esteem, Trauma & Anxiety, High-Achievers & Type-A Personalities | Accepting clients
Ella Sword, AMFT

Ella Sword, AMFT

Therapist | 160 per therapy session | Relationship & Sex Therapy, Parenting, Trauma and Stress | Accepting Clients
Lindsay Glass, LMFT (Online Only)

Lindsay Glass, LMFT (Online Only)

Therapist | 200 per therapy session | Relationship & Sex Therapy, Trauma & Anxiety, Grief & Loss, Deep Thinkers & Deep Feelers | Waitlist
Madison Hamzy, AMFT (Online Only)

Madison Hamzy, AMFT (Online Only)

Therapist | 180 per therapy session | Early mornings available | Relationship & Sex Therapy, Trauma & Anxiety, People who get stuck in their heads and worry a lot | Accepting Clients

We look forward to supporting you!

Love Heal Grow Counseling is Sacramento’s premiere boutique counseling center for relationship-focused therapy.  Our counselors specialize in helping our clients improve their relationships with others and themselves.  If you are experiencing anxiety, stress or relationship problems, we are here to help!  

We’re also dedicated to the continued creation of free resources.  Please check back regularly for new articles, videos and downloads to help you cope.

Love Heal Grow Relationship Therapy Center Sacramento

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*What to Expect in Your First Appointment

*How to Get the Most Out of Therapy

*How to talk to your boss about going to therapy during the workday

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*Over twenty pages of relationship and life stressor tips and exercises that it would usually take 10+ therapy sessions to cover.

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