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I hear it so often.  With my couples in for couples counseling, “We used to be so spontaneous, but now…”

With my individual therapy clients, “It’s just been so busy…” 

With my friends and colleagues, “Maybe in a couple weeks, but now I have [work project] and [home responsibility], so…”

In my own head, “I really would like to read that new book/go for a long walk/spend a few hours catching up and giggling with friends and family, but I need to tackle my to-do list first.  I guess…”

Can you guess the 5 words that complete each of these sentences?

…there’s no time for fun.

Have you been there?  Are you there right now?  I know I get stuck in this loop every so often.  I have every excuse in the book to do what I “have to” do instead of what I know deep down would truly re-energize me.

And I don’t want to minimize the responsibilities we all carry that we can’t ignore.  Many of us juggle work, paying the bills, home chores, taking care of the kids.

But, you know that old saying “my eyes were bigger than my stomach,” when the Thanksgiving spread looks just so good that you fill your plate with more food than you could possibly eat?  I can do that same thing with my to-do list. 

With the best of intentions, I tack on so many tasks that there is no way I could complete the list in a 24 hour day (and I’ve even found myself wishing for more hours in the day; you too?).

And yeah, with a to-do list longer than there are hours in the day, you might ultimately get more done towards achieving some of your goals.  And that can be wonderfully rewarding.  But it can also be draining.  Especially because…

…human beings need time and freedom for connection and play.

You are more than a completer of tasks, a checker of lists.  You are a person who can be playful, who can have fun, who can have fulfilling interests and hobbies, who can love and be loved.

And you deserve some time for fun in your life and relationships.  Even if it means less checks on your to-do list.


Sometimes it’s hard to re-engage the fun and connection in our relationships.  Or maybe stress and overwhelm has been making life unbearable for awhile and you don’t see a way out.  Call me at 916-572-7412 for a free phone consultation and start the path towards a meaningful life you enjoy.

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