Valentine's Day Sacramento

I walked into Raley’s this weekend and I was BOMBARDED with pink and red.

A dozen roses for $100—reserve them now!

Candy, cookies, balloon bouquets—don’t forget to shower your loved one with goodies!

Visions of last-minute shoppers rushing to the store so their partner feels special started dancing in my head.

Haven’t figured out what to do for Valentine’s Day or looking for a unique way to celebrate this year?

I’ve got your back.

10 ways you can celebrate your love in Sacramento this Valentine’s Day:

♥ Flowers

Does your partner love flowers? If so, a way to go beyond a bouquet is to pick up a potted plant or plant some flowers together in the yard. Watching your plant grow and bloom year after year is an ongoing reminder of your love.

♥ Tickets to a Show

Live music, comedy, theater, dance. Sacramento has so much to offer!  Sacramento Ballet is performing their annual Ballet & Beer through 2/19. Capitol Stage is putting on Betrayal, a story of a love affair through February 26th.  Check out the Comedy Spot for some improv or your favorite music venue for a show. Ace of Spades is featuring Reel Big Fish and The Growlers this week.

♥ A Night at Home with Board Games & Beer

Pick up a couple growlers from Track 7, New Helvetica or Two Rivers Cider and pick out your favorite board game. Playfulness, healthy competition, and craft brew? I’m there.

♥ Get Outside for a Walk or a Run

It’s nice that the sun is shining after the much needed rain. Now is a great time to get outside for a walk or run with your partner. The fresh air, the endorphins and the quality time together will make you feel happy and healthy.

♥ Start Planning a Bucket-List Adventure

Dreaming of and planning for a trip does effects our well-being just as much as the trip itself. Grab a notebook and start brainstorming your bucket-list adventures—pick one that you may be able to do in the next year or so and start planning!

♥ Massages by Candlelight

Non-verbal communication is important in a relationship. Loving physical touch is an important way to convey our feelings for our partners – and a great way to relax!

♥ Casablanca and Dessert

Tower Theater is screening Casablanca on the 14th to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the film. Head over to Tower Café before or after the movie for some dessert.

♥ Make a Difference

There’s a lot going wrong in the world right now which can get me feeling like Valentine’s Day is a little… trivial? A way to my heart this year might just be a donation to a non-profit or organization focused on fighting the good fight. “You donated to the ACLU in my name? BE STILL MY HEART.”

♥ Traditional Gifts

And there’s nothing wrong with traditional romance. Pick up some Ginger Elizabeth chocolates, a bouquet of flowers, and make a reservation at your favorite restaurant.

♥ Connect with Friends

Blow off the romance, grab some friends and connect over wine, dinner or a movie night.

Whatever you do, remember that letting our loved ones know we think about them, they mean a lot to us, and we prioritize quality time together are what keep relationships thriving.


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