Hey, all!  This is a new round-up I’m putting together to share inspiration from around the internet.

Inspiration Round-Up will focus on creative expression, stories that connect us, and all that leads us to love, healing and growth.

If you are like me, you appreciate finding pockets of inspiration during your day.  Hope you enjoy!

Here are three inspiring shares for this week:

1: The Moth, Valentine’s Day Special
“It’s better to have loved and lost…”

The Moth is a storytelling movement and one of my favorite podcasts.  This week, an episode on Valentine’s Day featured three storytellers sharing about love and loss.

By the end of the 30 minute episode, my eyes were glistening with tears and my heart was filled with hope.

You can listen here: The Moth: Valentine’s Day Special

2. @PersonalPractice on Instagram
“Dancin’ with yourself.”

@personalpractice on Instagram: these short videos feature daily inspiration through dance and music.  The woman in the videos dances so freely and is so herself–she also has excellent taste in music.  I love when her videos pop up in my feed.


3. “Love Yourself” by Justin Bieber

Never did I ever think I’d be a Belieber, but this song has been speaking to me.  After hearing it 100+ times on the radio, I searched for the music video.  A couple share the story of their love through dance.  Love it.

So it looks like love and dance has me most inspired this week.  What’s inspiring you?

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