Sacramento Therapist and couples counselor shares 50 Ways to show your loveDo you Valentine’s Day?

I’m hearing more and more from couples who are over the corporate-push and forced-feeling of the holiday. Ring true for you?

I also know couples who love the holiday. They share joy and connection over cards, flowers and chocolates—and if this is what works for you—that is awesome! I know I’m not one to turn down fresh flowers and a romantic meal.

Whether you are planning on celebrating Valentine’s Day this weekend or not, and whether you have been with your honey 30 days or 30 years, I’m guessing it’s important to you to feel loved by your partner.

Since meeting my husband over a decade ago, working closely with couples as a counselor for more than half that time, and studying with some of the leading relationship experts, I know it’s the little moments we show our love that counts.

Which is why I’ve compiled this list of 50+ ways you can show your love throughout the year! You can follow this list and practice the tips daily, or pick out some of your favorites. Even more fun—think of some of your own—and don’t forget to add them in the comments.

50+ Ways to Show & Celebrate Your Love All Year Long

Spend meaningful time together—these activities increase closeness and connection:

  • Put on “your song” and dance in the living room.
  • Give each other massages.
  • Gaze into each others’ eyes for 2 minutes…5 minutes…and notice what happens.
  • Hold hands.
  • Visit the place you met.
  • Visit the place you were married.
  • Change up the bedroom routine—initiate sex in the morning or afternoon.
  • Have a picnic at the park.
  • Get takeout and have a picnic at home by candlelight.
  • Renew your vows (even in the privacy of your own home).
  • Take a shower or bath together.
  • Look at each other’s childhood photos or yearbooks and share stories about the past.
  • Meet at a bar or restaurant as if it’s your first date.
  • Unplug for the night – no screen time allowed.
  • Discuss your fantasies.
  • Make-out like you used to.

Go on adventures – excitement and experiencing new things gets our pleasure hormones going, reminding us of when we were falling in love.

  • Plan and go on your dream vacation.
  • Go to an amusement park and ride rollercoasters together.
  • Go on a hike and talk about your dreams for the future.
  • Take a road trip to your favorite place.
  • Go wine tasting, beer tasting or on a food tour.
  • Book a hotel in your own town for a night away.
  • Go camping together.

Share hobbies and activities – this is great bonding time as well as a way to invest in areas of our lives outside of work and responsibilities.

  • Cook with each other.
  • Ask them questions and show interest in their favorite hobby.
  • Take a walk, jog or run together.
  • Meditate together.
  • Read a book together and discuss the characters or what you learned.
  • Take a class together (painting, beer-making, photographer, coding—an interest you can share)
  • Garden together.

Do something for your partner – gifts, acts of service, and little ways to show you care.

  • Write them a love letter.
  • Plant their favorite flower and enjoy the blooms through out the year.
  • Make their favorite meal.
  • Make them a playlist of songs that remind you of them.
  • Clean out their car.
  • Bring them coffee and/or breakfast in bed.
  • Leave a message in the steam on the mirror while they are showering.
  • Pick up their favorite treat when you are grocery shopping.
  • Send them an email with a sweet note or a link to an article/clip they would enjoy.
  • Send them a romantic or sexy text.
  • Give them a hand-made card or gift.
  • Frame a special photo or memento for their side of the bed.
  • Draw them a bubble bath complete with candles, wine and soothing music.
  • Make their favorite dessert on their birthday.

Show up emotionally – show your appreciation and support; it’s important to let our partners know they matter.

  • Thank them for something simple they did (like taking out the trash or clearing the table).
  • Ask them to share their hopes and fears; listen with support and encouragement.
  • Encourage each other to go after your dreams.
  • Ask them retell their favorite story.
  • Spend time with and get to know the important people in their lives.
  • Celebrate what is important to each other – anniversaries, children’s birthdays, promotions at work.
  • Compliment each other.
  • Acknowledge when you are wrong and give them a genuine apology.
  • Forgive them.


Have more ideas?  Leave them in the comments.  Interested in making your relationship the best it can be with my support?  Contact me by sending me a message or calling me at 916-572-7412.  I love hearing from you!


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