A relaxed mind is a creative mind. ••••I have noticed that in times of stress, I'm less in touch with my creative self. Prioritizing moments that help me relax and recharge is important. Exhibit A: tea on quiet Saturday morning. ️ How do you recharge? #Sacramento #yogitea

I have noticed that in times of stress, I’m less in touch with my creative self. I would venture to say that we are all creative–even those of us who don’t identify with the word–we just express our creativity in different ways.  We call upon our creative mind through out the day: putting together an outfit to wear in the morning, cooking a meal, on a big project at work, dancing with friends, even making up a song to sing to your child as they fall asleep.

When we are stressed and overwhelmed, it can be harder to be free in our creative expression–even though this is sometimes when we need it the most!  I’ve been working on a couple projects lately that are taking a lot of my time and brainpower.  I’ve noticed that there have been times that I’m so focused on the project in front of me, that I forget to take breaks to recharge.  When I do prioritize moments that help my brain relax, I notice that my work is better as my relaxed brain is both focused and flexible.  And I feel better and more connected to myself.

How do you find time to relax and recharge?

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