We aren’t really having sex anymore…is she not attracted to me anymore?


Sex is starting to feel routine – I wish we could try something new…how do I tell him without hurting his feelings or making him mad?


I keep turning her down because I hate how I look naked, and now she’s angry and doesn’t touch me at all. I feel gross and completely alone now.


Sex is all around us in TV shows, clothing styles, movies, music lyrics, books, and advertisements. It’s often presented as romantic, sensual, and smooth, or exciting, glamourous, and complex. And, almost always with an entanglement of perfect bodies in a glittery cloud of passion and not a drop of insecurity or inhibition.

For those of us who live in the real world, sex can feel awkward, scary, uncomfortable, confusing, or overwhelming! Sex thrusts us into the vulnerability of our naked bodies being seen, touched, and explored, and brings our own unique turn-ons and fears to the surface of our sexual consciousness.

Often it’s so difficult to share these with our partners – Will they think I’m weird?…Will it hurt their feelings?…What if they laugh, don’t believe me, say no?


In a culture where sex is in our faces daily yet remains a taboo subject, talking about sex with your partner can be very difficult, but it is possible! While it may feel uncomfortable, addressing concerns about sex in your relationship can lead to a deeper connection with your partner, and a more satisfying sex life. Opening up a conversation about sex shows that you value this area of your relationship, and that you want you and your partner to enjoy this special, shared, and private connection between the two of you.


Reach out to us so we may support you in this process by providing a calm, safe space where you can share your thoughts and without judgment. We’d be happy to help!


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